Pun Watch: The News Pun Quiz Game

Do you like puns? Do you particularity enjoy punny headlines in newspapers? Would you like to hear masses of them recited in quick succession? If so, you’ll probably enjoy Pun Watch. Pun Watch is a game show in which 3 or 4 funny people try to guess the correct pun-ish headline attached to various news stories from the week. Some of the puns are brilliant, some of them awful, and some are such tenuous stretches they’d make Lilia Stepanova wince (look her up). Either way, there’s lots of ‘em. Even if you don’t like puns, give Pun Watch a go: You’d be surprised how much better puns about an accidentally eaten French camel get when you hear 40 in a row.
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Dec 3, 2017

Episode 220 of Punwatch, with Guest Host James Ferris!

This episode is entitled "Piss Piss Bang Bang." Pretty gross stories, really.

Punsters: Alex Malone, David Shaw, Lisa Dib, Harry Brimage
Host: James Ferris

Sep 29, 2017

The 3nd Annual AFL Grand Final edition of Punwatch, with Cameron Tyeson, lots o' footy chat/puns and general apologies to people who don't follow AFL.

If you need more footy podcasting straight in your ear veins, we recommend you check out The Pressure Cooker, Cam's straight-up footy podcast (Grand Final episode available now!) You can also find him on Twitter @camtyeson!

Punsters: Cameron Tyeson, Alex Malone, David Shaw
Host: Andrew Cherry

Sep 20, 2017

New Punwatch, with guest Ben Volchok, a broken round and guest Skeletor.™

This episode is entitled "Brian's Balls Crush Castle." Lisa kinda broke in the middle there.

Ben has a brand new Fringe Festival show, "Ben Volchok Presents..." opening THIS SATURDAY at the Butterfly Club. It's two episodes of original radio comedy, live on stage, and thoroughly recommended! Check it out and get tickets here.

Ben's also on a new SynFM show, "The 90.7 Show" with former guest punster Claire Sullivan and Ian McCarthy! You can check it out live on SynFM, Thursdays at 3pm (90.7 on your FM dial), or anytime via their podcast.

You can also find him on Twitter at @zomgmouse!

You can hear & subscribe to Punwatch via iTunes: or RSS:

Punsters: Ben Volchok, James Ferris, Lisa Dib, Harry Brimage
Host: Andrew Cherry

Jul 28, 2017

Episode 217 of Punwatch, with special guest Jerzy Gwiazdowski and not enough in-depth ice hockey knowledge.

You probably already know Jerzy Gwiazdowski. If you don’t, however, we cannot stress this enough: It is in your best interests to download and listen to Punk Assed: A Pun Cast, Jerzy’s pun podcast. It is punning on another level, and as a fan of puns, you will be a more complete person when you add Punk Assed to your podcast device.

You can also find Punk Assed on Facebook, along with clips of Jerzy & Co competing at Punderdome and the Henry Pun-Off World Championships. You can also read about his punning in a new book called Away With Words by Joe Berkowitz. It’s a look into the world of competitive punning, which is so relevant to any Punwatch listener’s interest it’s not funny, unlike the book.

We’ll also be appearing on an upcoming episode of Punk Assed, so keep an ear out for that.

Punsters: Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Harry Brimage, David Shaw, Alex Malone
Host: Andrew Cherry

Jun 23, 2017

Episode 216 of Punwatch, with special guest Andrew McClelland and a fair bit of undignified scrambling to think of songs that sort of reference mazes.

This episode is entitled "'Bama Borax Bowling Blowout". Big thanks to Punwatch contributor Hamish & Special guest Judge Ryan, and Dave for being a good sport.

Andrew's beaut Indie-pop dance night, Mr. McClelland's Finishing School, is wrapping up in October. So if you're in Melbourne, get down to the Bella Union on a Friday night & dance your arse off before it's too late! You can also find Andrew’s DJ and/or comedy stylings around town - keep up with his movements via @andy_mcclelland on Twitter, and on Facebook!


Punsters: Lisa Dib, Andrew McClelland, Harry Brimage, David Shaw, Alex Malone
Host: Andrew Cherry

May 31, 2017

Episode 215 of Punwatch, with host Alex Malone and more Kylie Minogue puns than you can shake a well-insured butt at.

This episode is entitled "Tubby Terror Flogs Fake Fauna". Shoutout to all our Bellarine Peninsula fans.

Punsters: Andrew Cherry, Harry Brimage, David Shaw
Host: Alex Malone

May 17, 2017

Episode 214 of Punwatch, with host Harry Brimage who did well and is a good boy.

This episode is entitled "Shonky Sharks Plunder Pool". Harry's twitter handle is @brimdang, if you wanna do what Lisa said. Alex's album is available now at your local Brashs.

Punsters: Lisa Dib, James Ferris, Alex Malone
Host: Harry Brimage

May 3, 2017

Episode 213 of Punwatch, with host Lisa Dib and super-chill, pleasant vibes. And a bionic dick.

This episode is entitled "Robo Willie." Some weeks you don't need to overwork it.

Punsters: Harry Brimage, James Ferris, David Shaw
Host: Lisa Dib

Apr 13, 2017

Episode 212 of Punwatch, with guest comedian & veteran punster Jennifer Wong and a smorgasbord of Indian cuisine puns.

This episode is entitled "Curry Closure Causes Sibling Split". Alex was gonna host, so all the stories are Alex-style picks. One day soon.

Melbourne listeners: Jen is performing her show, "How to English Harder" at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! The show is on from the 11th to the 23rd of April at the Forum Theatre. Get in quick and see her before she scarpers back to Sydney! Get tickets here.

You can also find Jennifer on Facebook or on Twitter @wojennifer - tons o' puns there - or at her website,

Punsters: Jennifer Wong, Lisa Dib, James Ferris, David Shaw
Host: Andrew Cherry

Mar 22, 2017

Episode 211 of Punwatch, with guest host David Shaw and REVENGE

This episode is entitled “Cops Cop Bogus Burger.” You'll also hear a promo for Cherry's new series, "A Brief History of Memes: Part 1."

Punsters: James Ferris, Lisa Dib, Alex Malone and Andrew Cherry
Host: David Shaw

*grumble grumble other bands are OK as long as they’re Outkast grumble*

Mar 10, 2017

Episode 210 of Punwatch, with returning guest comedian Peter Jones!

This episode is entitled “Parrot Slams Piers: Piss Off.” Dave and Lisa get to talk about Budgies.

Check out Peter on Instagram @thepeterthejones

Punsters: Peter Jones, David Shaw, Lisa Dib, Alex Malone @ James Ferris
Host: Andrew Cherry

Feb 22, 2017

Episode 209 of Punwatch, with special guests Michael Williams and Sarah Baggs!

Michael’s Moosehead-awarded show, Escape from a 90s Educational CD-ROM, is on during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, March 30th to April 23rd. Don't miss it!*

The Consumption also heartily recommend you check out Michael & Sarah suite of podcasts - Pop Quiz Hot Shot, It’s A Duck Blur, Wikihow We Do It and Sperging Out.

Also, this episode had some stuff about Pierce Brosnan, tiny knots and other crap. The usual frolicking fair.


Punsters: Sarah Baggs, Michael Williams, David Shaw, Alex Malone, Harry Brimage
Host: Andrew Cherry


*If you do, one day your parallel universe self who did see it will cross over just to tell you how good it was, and you'll be filled with regret. Don't let that parallel arsehole have all the fun.

Feb 9, 2017

Episode 208 of Punwatch, with guest comedian Matt Harvey and 5 other punsters. It was raucous.

This episode is entitled "Sleuth Studies Stadium’s Boiled Banana Bust". No one actually boils bananas, though. Sounds kinda gross.

Perth listeners: Matt's performing in YOUR city at Fringeworld this weekend and the next! "The Face Of Gentrification and Other Ideas" at Lazy Susan's Comedy Den at 3:30. Get tickets here:

Matt also hosts Just For Funny, a podcast with comedians talking comedy and other stuff, which we were just on. Check it out!

Find Matt on Twitter @mattharveystuff!

You can hear & subscribe to Punwatch via iTunes: or RSS:

Punsters: Matt Harvey, Lucy Shaw, Lisa Dib, Alex Malone, James Ferris, Harry Brimage
Host: Andrew Cherry

Jan 2, 2017

Episode 207 of Punwatch, for the new year and a new you that enjoys way to many obscure fruit puns.

This episode is entitled "Party Prince's Radish Rap Roast". That fruit round may have killed Dave.

Punsters: David Shaw, Lisa Dib, Alex Malone, James Ferris, Harry Brimage
Host: Andrew Cherry